Swedish Open Face Gravlax Sandwich

Cured Salmon - Swedish Gravlax or Gravad Lax - Norwegian Gravlaks - Danish Gravad laks.


The measurements below are for less than 2 pounds of salmon. One does not have to be so exact with the measurements just remember to use a little bit more sugar than salt. You may also substitute the rose pepper and the coriander with an additional tablespoon of white peppercorns.

2 Fresh salmon fillet with skin.
4 tablespoons coarse sea salt
4 tablespoons plus a dash Sugar (little more sugar than salt)
1 teaspoon whole white peppercorns
3 teaspoons whole rose peppercorns
3 teaspoons coriander
Plenty of fresh dill

Curing time:
2 Thin filets: 1.5 - 2.5 days
2 x 3 cm thick filets: 2 – 3 days
2 x 5 cm thick filets: 3 - 4 days

Preparation of Gravlax

  1. Mix sugar and salt. Crush peppercorns and coriander together. Mix it with the sugar and the salt.
  2. Distribute the mixture onto the flesh sides of the salmon, making sure to cover the whole side. Pile the dill with stems on top of the mixture. Sandwich the fillets, the mixture facing each other. Put into a plastic bag and place it in a dish. Place a weight like a brick on top (but nothing heavier than a brick.) Place in refrigerator for one to four days depending on thickness and desired flavor turning the whole bag over every 8-12 hours.
  3. Remove all the dill and the mixture and rinse the salmon slightly under running water. Pad lightly with paper towel to dry off the water.
  4. Use a sharp fillet knife to slice thinly at an angle towards the tail while detaching from the skin starting from the tail end first.
  5. Place a couple of slices on buttered Swedish crisp bread or a slice of dark bread. Add a little mustard dill sauce *, and a slice of lemon and fresh dill on top. Serve with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Go to the page Mustard Sauces for recipe to prepare the “Gravlaxsås” or the “Hovmästarsås” .

Mustard dill sauce like “Gravlaxsås” and “Hovmästarsås” can usually be found in Scandinavian stores. Be aware, however that, the best before date format in Swedish is “Bast fore” day-month-year or year-month-day. ·

Preparation of Gravlax Sandwich

Dark Rye bread, sliced or Swedish crisp bread
Mustard Sauce
Lemon thinly sliced (1-3 slices per sandwich)
Fresh dill

  1. Butter the bread
  2. Place a lettuce leave on the butter so one third of the leave is outside the bread.
  3. Arrange thinly sliced gravlax on top
  4. Spoon sauce onto lax.
  5. Decorate with lemon and dill.

If soft bread is used, the sandwich is eaten with fork and knife. If crisp bread is used, no silverware is used.

For other occations than Fika times:

Substitute the white bread loaf with French baguette for a finger food version.

Serve boiled small potatoes, thinly sliced gravlax topped with mustard dill sauce, slice of lemon and dill, on a plate for lunch or dinner appetizer. Traditions then call for Swedish crisp bread topped with a cheese with a bite, and a glass of beer. Traditionally served with a shot glass of Scandinavian aquavit and a glass of beer if served as an appetizer. Top of Page